1. D.T. Max wrote a biography about David Foster Wallace called Every Love Story Is A Ghost Story. I interviewed Max for the Village Voice.

    "…now, with the fullness of these letters and the interviews and the long, careful view of his life, can I imagine him growing old and still suffering with Pale King but happy in the rest of his life? Going to that garage every day to work, put in eight hours to try and push this dog along, but then take on a nonfiction piece because he knows he can do it, and yet never dissolving into self-hatred? Not really. Not really. I think that in the fuller knowledge of what I know now… Pre-destined is a strong word, but something like it is probably right. A betting man or woman would’ve bet that something bad would happen. It’s an enormous tragedy all the same, and "I saw it coming," that’s a little stiff for me. I don’t think his friends thought he would grow old. Maybe they did when they met Karen."

    -D.T. Max on DFW in my interview with him for The Village Voice